viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Post grade Studies

I don't have in my plains now, to continue studying. I want to be a jornalist and work like a reporter. I think that for work at this area, i don't need an special title.
If i decide to study, is something not related with my career, like gastronomy or something related with that.
Maybe, i can take a course in Cuba at Instituto de Periodismo José Martí. They share a courseo of sport journalism and the Circulo de Periodistas Deportivos de Chile had an agreement and we can study for free that course.
Just in that case i will like to continue studying. Of course, that Cuba is the place where i want to study if means about journalism.
If is in other area, i wold like to stay here in Chile,  maybe in Italy, for say a country or France for to be like Remy from Ratatouille.

I've got a lot of friendas that went to Cuba for the course at The José Martí and they told me that was a great experience.
I like to study in physical, to be present on the class, because i think that it's more complete the teaching.

When you hate Peppa Pig

Has anyone noticed that every day the cartoons that our children watch are stupider? I'm one of these people taht noticed that.
I think that they don't have content to teach, to share with the kids. An example fot that it's Peppa Pig.
If we ask to our children, everybody watch that cartoon, and i really think that it's so stupid. Is just a capricious pig, who with tantrums get everything she wants.
For example, at the video, she is turned frustrated because she can't wisthle and her friend can do it. I think that it's not a attitude to show for the kids. It turned a little bit stupids.
Somedody can tell that it's only a cartoon, but in our days, the kids watch a lot of TV and have access to internet and can watch videos on youtube, so it's like democratized what they do.
I don't like Peppa, i really hate the stereotype that shows. I'm really disgusting with the british people that create this cartoon.
I hate, because i belive that the cartoons when we were kids were different, were created for education.
For example, all the shows created by the Company Hanna-Barbera had an speciall content. They in every cartoon left you something to teach or to think.
I want that this cartoons come back to the tv. I want that my niece can enjoy the same things that i enjoyed and not turn stupid with Peppa Pig.

My best holiday ever

Really, i don't remember an unforgettable holiday, because all my holidays was on the same place.
Maybe, one of the best, was the summer of 2017. I was working at Diario La Tercera and i was making all the things that i want. To be a responsable journalist and share with my friends at the stadium.
For some people, maybe this isn't a holiday, because i was workin, but for me was really relaxing to be there.
Spending my days as a reporter was really excited. Since january to march i was the women more happy at this world. I knew a lot of important people that still being my friends.
I would like to repeat this experience, because i felt that i grow up like a professional and like person. Share with new people this experience was really nice.
Maybe i would change the place, but i realy like to come back to work for an important media in a new summer, for that reason i'm trying to search a job for this season.
Wish me luck!

martes, 3 de octubre de 2017

My dream job: to be journalist ❤

When i was a kid i've always dream in to became into a Chef, because i wanted to travel arround the world and meet a lot of people, but time change the things and here i am, studying journalism.
Now, i love my career and my dream job it's work as press manager of some team of soccer, like Universidad de Chile, Unión Española or O'higgins de Ranacagua.
I imagine that it's a funny job, because  for the people that love soccer it's like a new experience. I've working now on a web and we broadcast matchs from Campeonato Nacional and i feel really happy with that. I've worked at Diario La Tercera this summer and was a really good experience, for that reason i want to explore other area from journalism.
I don´t like to be in a office all day, i feel taht is so stressful, for that reason i never return to the newspaper.
If i will like to travel? Of course, and beign a press manager should travel with the team across the country and the continent if they qualify for an international cup.
About the salary, i'm not really worried now, but i think that i will be satisfied if the money be enough to survive a month for me and a dog. With this i'll happy and rewarded.
I'm really happy with my degree, because i've meet a lot of people that inspire to follow my dreams.
Eh, and i will like to take class of cook, like when i was a child.

miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

Sexism in a world that belongs to everybody

This last week we have a lot of debates in about the girls. Abortion, discrimination in media and others. But i want to stop in the discrimination and sexism that exist in our profession: the journalism.
Like a month ago, Grace Lazcano, sports journalist arrived to En el nombre del futbol at CDF and a coworker at this moment (Romai Ugarte) made an incorrect expression.
How many times we have to tolerate things like this? Why if we became in a important journalist, we scaled for another way?
We have the same habilitys than man.
Can we think that a men scale in a job for sexual favors? No, not in our society.

Like a future sport journalist, i feel so exposed to attitudes like this, because this kind of journalism doesn't have a lot of girls working.
I strongly belive that the girls need a space in sports like soccer, volley, basket, hockey, even in F1. I want to work in a space that i feel safety and respect. I hope that one day, guys and girls can work side by side like equal.
Romai said in a lot of interviews after the incident, that the gesture wasn't for Grace. How we can belive in that version, when other girls snitch on the journalist for discrimination.
Also he said that the image of the gesture never appears at air on the channel and people that hate him spreads this.
I feel terrible for Grace, because she is a woman and everybody knows the difficult to work in a man worlds.
In a space on the radio that with a group of classmates have, we talk about the problem, because we think that it's incorrect. Our generation wants equality in everything, and we want to eradicate the sexism from the journalism. We want more women like directors and editors in a sport section.
Our generation is fighting for more democracy on the sports journalism.
We have a lot of coworker that wants the same thing that us, and fight day by day.

sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2015

The last one: My experience

Today i'm writing my last words. I'm writing my experience as a blogger.
When i started to write this blog, i had the expectation that one day some one were inspired with my words -i'm liying-. I started to write just because i want to accomplish. With the time this makes really funny, and now i don't want to say goodbye to my blog.
As a blogger i learned to talk about things that i really love and other that was really dificult :(
When we had to wrote about pets was one of my favourites. Talk about a part of me was really easy.
When we started this at the begining of the semester i thought that this will be funny and i don't was wrong.
I want to be grateful with all my readers, because without them my posts will be nothing. To my teacher that every week read but never put a comment (jajajajaja)
Sometimes this job make it so difficult, because i don't know what write or how make 200 words. It's awful when you don't have inspiration (like now)
To finish i will say that was a funny experience and  i learned a lot. I hope to stil writing in a future. We'll see us!!

sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2015

I would like to go to...

Since i have memory i want to go to Italy. For a reason that i don't know i want to visit the mystic Italy.
Why Italy? Because it's consider one of the most beauty countries in the world. They have an atractive culture, food and her people it's really nice.
Other of my reasons can be that they have a very rich ancestors. The Roman Culture, the latin past and the beauty architecture.

I believe that Italy was a lucky coutry! They cradle of the most important artists of the past like Da Vinci, Rafael and others.
Other reason it's because they have wonderful food. Thanks to God that they create the pastas and pizza. I Think that the old Roman Gods made this gift for us.

Italy it's a touristic country. They receive people from all the world every day, and they have nice cities, for example Rome, Florence, Venice. I imagine taking a trip in the canals of Venice or stay in the Carnaval in january-february.

Other country that i would like to go it's Brazil. They have nice cities too and is closer to Chile. Brazil have really good places, it's an exotic place and the people it's friendly. It's an excellent place for football. Other reason can be that i love the sun and the nice beach -like Copacabanna-

To finish, i would like to every place in the world.